Book 1

An ancient power struggle, an empire expanding, and a proud,

warrior people facing the end of their way of life.


Warriors streamed from the hillsides in ever greater numbers, filling the shore and plunging into the muddy river, spears and shields held high. Warhorns echoed and men bellowed their challenges, confident the young Carthaginian general would end his days on their spears.

After avenging the murder of his family in a raid, Caros’ attempt to return to a life of peace is tragically shattered, leaving him wounded in body and spirit.

Young and bold, Hannibal Barca has begun to mass his mercenary army and rumors of war abound. When he defies an old treaty and besieges the pro-Roman city of Sagunt, Caros joins his army, seeking comradeship and a new life.

From the banks of the Tagus to the battlements of Sagunt; ride with Caros as he learns the way of war and discovers the price of victory.

Warhorn, Sons of Iberia, Book 1

Ancient spearman on book cover

Best book I've read this year, brilliantly written, definitely worth a read!


'An excellent introduction to an Iberian warrior...' 


'Outstanding, if you enjoy full on historical fiction that's different from the usual Romans and Greeks this is for you'


'For those wanting a fast-paced historical novel set in a time and place we rarely get to read about, Warhorn is warmly recommended'


'...it took a monumental effort of will to put this book down. I hope that there are more like it from this author!!!'


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Author J. Glenn Bauer