Von Steiner's Gold

a cantor and zalianty adventure...


1914...The SMS Emden is finally bested in battle and scuttled.  2015...A vicious and unexplained attack on a freelance photographer leads to a hunt for a lost treasure and a battle to survive.


Steve Cantor is an adventurer and freelance photographer with a passion for the wilds.  Carrisa Zalianty works for an unnamed organisation rescuing children and adults from slavery.  After Steve is ambushed and beaten in his home, the pair head for the one place that might explain the attackers motives.  They have no idea of the magnitude of the grief that awaits them on the usually idyllic isle of North Keeling. Finding themselves betrayed and beset on all sides by killers, the pair must find a way to survive and fight back.  In doing so, they discover something they could not have dreamed of in their wildest imaginings.



Author J. Glenn Bauer

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