The Runeovex Secret

From beyond the mountains, a bloodthirsty Celt warband invades the lands of the Illergete. In a night of terror, the son of a coward finds himself fighting back to save the woman he loves.


Orphaned when only a young boy and victimised by his fellow villagers, Cullha grows up as a shepherd, learning to fend for himself and protect his charges. Here he discovers a great love for the Iberian horses and his skill at handling them is soon noticed, leading to him becoming a stable boy for a ranking warrior.


As the son of a warrior declared a coward, Cullha has no standing or honour in the eyes of the villagers and lives precariously from day to day, trying to scrape by. The Illergete warriors march north to war against the invading Celt. Left behind with the few warriors remaining to guard the women and children, Cullha seeks to gain the attention of the beautiful Elhana while avoiding her lover, Luis, a warrior bent on revenge.


In a night of violence and bloodshed, the dreaded Celt overwhelm the village and Cullha finds himself pitched together with Luis and Elhana in a desperate battle for their lives. On a journey fraught with danger and sorrow, a small band of survivors seek to escape the Celt and flee across the wild lands of ancient Iberia, battling nature, bandits and their own shortcomings.


In the course of their journey, they meet the remnants of an Illergete column and rescue a weaponsmith with a powerful secret. The Celt are relentless in their pursuit and ultimately Cullha must risk everything to save Elhana and the secret the weaponsmith holds. 


Note: This is a stand-alone short novel of approximately 46,000 words and not a full-length novel.

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