Sons of Iberia


The ongoing series that follows Caros, an Iberian champion who fights for his people’s freedom during the brutal war between Carthage and Rome.

A forgotten tale of bravery, loyalty, and love in a war that saw an empire destroyed and history changed forever. The series tells the untold story of the Iberian people who lived through the war between Carthage and Rome.


Ride with Caros, a young Iberian warrior, who unites his people against Rome.

The epic series that brings to life the Iberian warriors who fought in the war between Carthage and Rome. The ongoing series follows the warriors of Iberia who fought for their freedom in the bloody war between Carthage and Rome.

Sons of Iberia is a series of historical fiction books set before and during the period of ancient history known as the 2nd Punic War, dating from 218 BC to 201 BC.

In 219 BC, Iberia was inhabited by Iberian and Celtiberian tribes and the coastal region was home to colonies that traced back to ancient Greek and Phoenician settlers. Iberia was a rich source of silver and the ports were busy with trading ships from all around the Mediterranean Sea which was known as the Syrian Sea by the Carthaginians.

Disputes between Carthage and Rome over ownership of the island of Sicily had resulted in the 1st Punic War which lasted 20 years and ended in 241 BC, some 23 years earlier.  By 219 BC, the tension between Carthage and Rome erupted when the Carthaginian General, Hannibal Barca, laid siege to the city of Saguntum on the East coast of Iberia. Saguntum had treaties with Rome and the siege stung the Romans into sending diplomats to Saguntum where they were denied an audience with Hannibal. They then went to Carthage, where they demanded Hannibal's head. The Carthaginian leaders declined the Roman demand, resulting in Rome declaring war on Carthage once again.

Reviews of Sons of Iberia

WARHORN is more than just a story of warriors, battle cries and storming the ramparts of a besieged city. 

Absolutely captivating. Laughs and heartwrenches all the way. Absolutely recommended. 5/5

Having read the first 2 books in the series, I couldn't wait for the release of the 3rd book. It didn't disappoint. Graphical and didn't feel like a 'historical novel'.

Well written and well researched. A time in history which fascinates me, I can't wait to get started on the next novel of this series.

Warriors streamed from the hillsides in ever greater numbers, filling the shore and plunging into the muddy river, spears and shields held high. Warhorns echoed and men bellowed their challenges, confident the young Carthaginian general would end his days on their spears.

After avenging the murder of his family in a raid, Caros’ attempt to return to a life of peace is tragically shattered, leaving him wounded in body and spirit.

Young and bold, Hannibal Barca has begun to mass his mercenary army and rumors of war abound. When he defies an old treaty and besieges the pro-Roman city of Sagunt, Caros joins his army, seeking comradeship and a new life.

From the banks of the Tagus to the battlements of Sagunt; ride with Caros as he learns the way of war and discovers the price of victory.

Blades drawn and arrows nocked, a seething mass of Volcae warriors howled and capered, determined to cut down every man that crossed the Rhone.

Tasked with persuading the warrior-like mountain tribes north of the Ebro river to allow Hannibal’s army to pass, Caros faces new challenges and dangers. He must use all his wits to negotiate treaties and quickly discovers others are inciting the tribes to resist Hannibal’s advance.

Battles between hardy mountain tribesmen. An encounter with a beautiful Oracle. Revenge against a traitor and a bloody battle against ferocious tribesmen on the Rhone.

Battle Cloud is the dramatic follow-on to bestselling Warhorn and ideal for fans of historical fiction who enjoy tales of the ancient past.

Rome’s iron-hard legions invade Iberia to exact retribution for the sacking of Sagunt. Opposing them is an untried mercenary army and an Iberian champion and his companions.


Gladius Winter is a whirlwind of skirmish and battle as Caros challenges savage warriors and the disciplined might of Rome.

Gladius Winter is the third title in the Sons of Iberia series which is set in the 2nd Punic War fought between ancient Carthage and Rome.

On a fog-shrouded morning beside a lake in Italia, fifty thousand warriors strain their ears to hear the first tread of Roman boots.

Soon the silence of the new day will be shattered by screams and awash in blood. The Battle of Lake Trasimene will have started. Carthage and Rome are at war and the bloodshed will not end for many years.

In Iberia, Barca rule becomes ruthless. A Bastetani village is pillaged. Its people put to the sword. Caros and his companions fight back, but he is accused of the killings and a price is put on his head.

Meanwhile, in Italia, Hannibal has defeated a Roman army and has his sights set on Rome. First, a hated Roman consul and his legions must be defeated.

Ride with Caros across Iberia, as he fights mercenaries and allies with Gauls. Voyage with him to Italia and stand with him in battle as the armies of Hannibal and Flaminius fight to the death.

Author J. Glenn Bauer

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