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Paperbacks are coming in 2020

Since the beginning of my writing and publishing career in 2012, I have focused on the digital format, making my titles available predominantly as e-books through Amazon.

In 2020, just a few days away, I will be releasing the Sons of Iberia titles as paperbacks and distributing them through IngramSpark.

Readers will be able to buy Sons of Iberia books from local independent bookstores, returning their money into their community. If my titles are not available on the shelf of your local bookstore, they will be able to order any of the titles for you from IngramSpark who publish a quality product.

In conjunction with the release of the titles in paperback, I am planning to further support local bookstores by doing book signings at stores and to promote the stores and the event through multi platform advertising.

Looking for local booksellers near you? Try the Booksellers Association's BookshopsSearch


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