As a child, my playground was the wide-open veldt with the blue African sky above. Jungle gyms grew naturally from seed and the pet store was just beyond the garden gate. I wore shoes under protest and then only to school and church. I absolutely needed a bath every night.


After high school, I served as an operational medic for two years and treated everything from massive trauma to deadly disease. I've swum in the crocodile-infested Okavango and seen entire villages succumb to malaria. I have tracked poachers and listened from my sleeping bag to hunting lions prowling beyond the firelight.

Life is tamer now. I live onboard a Seamaster cabin boat in the heart of England, enjoying the garden-like rural landscape. 

I am fortunate to have the life experience I have, and I draw greedily on this experience in writing of the lives of the men and women in a very much wilder Europe.

J. Glenn Bauer at Roman amphitheater in Tarragona
J. Glenn Bauer at Roman Circus, Tarragona
J. Glenn Bauer at historical fort in Tarragona
J. Glenn Bauer at Pont del Diable Aqueduct, Tarragona

Thank you for choosing to read Sons of Iberia. I hope it has been as exciting to read as it was to write.

Since I do not solicit readers for email addresses and send newsletters, this is an update on what’s happened and my plans.


I hope you are really getting into Sons of Iberia because the series has some way to go still. After all, the 2nd Punic War lasted sixteen years and Carthaginian resistance to Rome continued in the Cisalpine for a few years after Hannibal’s defeat in Africa. While in Hispania, the Romans got it very wrong and took two hundred years to subdue the Iberians.  

As yet there is no offer to adapt Sons of Iberia for TV and since I don’t have a publisher or agent, no active plan in place to secure such a deal. If you think Sons of Iberia would make great viewing on Netflix or Amazon, please let me know. Or better yet, if you know the right person, let them know. I guess that is a bit of a cheeky ask, but I am an indie author because I love writing and balk at the idea of all the writing time lost securing an agent and negotiating contracts with studios.


For the same reason, I don’t have a Patreon profile to solicit monthly subscription payments from readers for all kinds of added bling. I prefer to focus my creative output on the actual material you want and enjoy. All I ask is that you leave an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads for the titles you have read and recommend my books to your reader friends.

May the tale never grow old,

Glenn Bauer

Author J. Glenn Bauer