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Howl of Blades

Sons of Iberia

Book 4

On a fog-shrouded morning beside a lake in Italia, fifty thousand warriors strain their ears to hear the first tread of Roman boots.

Soon the silence of the new day will be shattered by screams and awash in blood. The Battle of Lake Trasimene will have started. Carthage and Rome are at war and the bloodshed will not end for many years.

In Iberia, Barca rule becomes ruthless. A Bastetani village is pillaged. Its people put to the sword. Caros and his companions fight back, but he is accused of the killings and a price is put on his head.


Meanwhile, in Italia, Hannibal has defeated a Roman army and has his sights set on Rome. First, a hated Roman consul and his legions must be defeated.

Ride with Caros across Iberia, as he fights mercenaries and allies with Gauls. Voyage with him to Italia and stand with him in battle as the armies of Hannibal and Flaminius fight to the death.

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Reviews of Sons of Iberia

WARHORN is more than just a story of warriors, battle cries and storming the ramparts of a besieged city. 

Absolutely captivating. Laughs and heartwrenches all the way. Absolutely recommended. 5/5

Having read the first 2 books in the series, I couldn't wait for the release of the 3rd book. It didn't disappoint. Graphical and didn't feel like a 'historical novel'.

Well written and well researched. A time in history which fascinates me, I can't wait to get started on the next novel of this series.

Gladius Winter

Sons of Iberia

Book 3

Roman legionary with gladius sword on book cover

Rome’s iron-hard legionaries come to Iberia to exact retribution for the sacking of the city of Sagunt by Hannibal Barca.


Opposing them are the warrior tribes of Iberia, united under the Barcas of Carthage.


In the winter of 218 BC, as Hannibal stormed the Alps to invade the Italian peninsula, a Roman fleet lands 20,000 legionaries in the far north of Iberia.


Caros must convince the Carthaginian commander, Hanno not to attack.



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Sons of Iberia

Book Bundle


Grab the first 4 titles in the series for just $9.99!

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Author J. Glenn Bauer

Contact Details: J. Glenn Bauer | j.glennbauer@gmail.comSuite 112, Mail Boxes Etc. 115 - 116 Commercial Road, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN1 5BD

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