Broken Shield

Sons of Iberia


Baria is left a smoking ruin. The townspeople dead or captured by the Romans. Starving and desperate, Caros rescues a survivor from a Carthaginian galley and learns the Romans have hidden two warships on the coast.

Desperate to raise more warriors to his column, Caros must first prove to the Iberians that he can defeat Rome’s iron-hard legionaries.

After a bloody battle that earns him a narrow victory, he marches north and his column swells with freed slaves, veteran warriors, and mercenaries from far shores.

With his companions, Caros faces the Roman legions who have crossed the Ebro to challenge the army of Hasdrubal Barca.

Part of the Sons of Iberia series, Broken Shield

can also be read as a stand-alone.

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Howl of Blades

Sons of Iberia

Military fiction

On a fog-shrouded morning beside a lake in Italia, fifty thousand warriors strain their ears to hear the first tread of Roman boots.

Soon the silence of the new day will be shattered by screams and awash in blood. The Battle of Lake Trasimene will have started. Carthage and Rome are at war and the bloodshed will not end for many years.

In Iberia, Barca rule becomes ruthless. A Bastetani village is pillaged. Its people put to the sword. Caros and his companions fight back, but he is accused of the killings and a price is put on his head.


Meanwhile, in Italia, Hannibal has defeated a Roman army and has his sights set on Rome. First, a hated Roman consul and his legions must be defeated.

Ride with Caros across Iberia, as he fights mercenaries and allies with Gauls. Voyage with him to Italia and stand with him in battle as the armies of Hannibal and Flaminius fight to the death.

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Off-Grid Boaters

one couple's alternative nomad life on a

25foot yoghurt pot


A cabin boat is basically a floating yoghurt pot. It’s nothing like a steel narrowboat and ours is older than us and still a beauty."

In 2018, Glenn and his wife moved from a house to a 25-foot cabin cruiser, where they have lived since.

This is their voyage of discovery. The challenges they faced in downsizing to the space of a modern living room. The joys of summer on the water and the reality of icy winters.

Full of humour and loads of useful advice, this is an ideal read for anyone looking for a fulfilling alternative to modern living.



Reviews of Off-Grid Boaters

“This is an inspiring read. The author can be lauded not only for his writing style, but also praised for his tenacious positivity as he adjusts to life as an off-grid boater. A real-life view without the rose-tinted specs.”

“A great read. As a vanlifer I have considered the peaceful boat life, as you have described your personal journey with nature and English history. You make it very appealing. Thank you”

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